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New Study Connects 9/11 Presence to Increased Risk of Heart & Lung Problems

As the years have passed since that terrible day the Twin Towers were brought down, researchers keep learning more about the long-term health consequences related to the inhalation of toxic dust and other hazardous materials at the World Trade Center site.

A recent example is a study which strongly suggests that those who were present at the WTC site on 9/11 have an increased long-term risk for numerous heart and lung ailments, including increased levels of asthma, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic physical and psychological disorders.

Published in the journal Injury Epidemiology, the study examined data on 8,701 people who were at the WTC site on 9/11 and didn’t have asthma, diabetes or heart and lung diseases at that time. After following the health of these individuals over the next 11 years, the researchers found that people injured that day were at least twice as likely to develop heart disease as people who weren’t injured. Additionally, the study found that dust and debris exposure was associated with 30 percent higher odds of developing asthma and lung diseases.

What makes this particular study unique according to its authors is that it focuses solely on exposure to trauma and environmental pollution on 9/11 itself as opposed to exposure in the days, weeks, and months following the attacks. As the researchers concluded:

“The present study provides evidence that acute/direct exposure to the events of September 11, 2001 is associated with chronic disease 11 years after the disaster. More specifically, sustaining an injury was associated with subsequent heart disease, and exposure to the dust cloud was associated with respiratory disease. An implication of the present study is that significant numbers of people who were present on 9/11 could be vulnerable to developing chronic diseases many years later. Clinicians should be aware of the potential risk of chronic disease among those exposed to the World Trade Center attacks.”

What to Do If You Are Experiencing Health Problems Due to 9/11

Whether you are suffering from heart or lung problems or any other health issues arising from your presence at the World Trade Center on 9/11 or during the days, weeks, and months of recovery work thereafter, resources, compensation, and cost-free medical treatment may be available to you.

Both the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) and the World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP) were established specifically for that purpose.

However, you must register your claims with both programs in order to get the help you need. The registration process can be tricky and detailed, involves the submission of significant information and supporting documentation, and is subject to strict filing deadlines.

If you fail to submit your claim properly or miss those deadlines, you could lose your ability to get compensation and care that is there specifically to assist 9/11 victims, responders, and recovery workers like you. That’s why over 80% of all 9/11 victims choose to have a WTC lawyer help them with their claims.

At Turley, Hansen & Rosasco, we have been helping survivors, first responders, and recovery workers recover compensation since shortly after the World Trade Center fell. Our extensive experience and deep commitment to 9/11 victims has resulted in the recovery of over $75 million in VCF compensation on behalf of over 1,200 clients.

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